VaporTrac® provides sensor-equipped telemetry devices that remotely monitor performance of radon and vapor intrusion mitigation systems and trigger alerts when the remediation systems lose power or vacuum. VaporTrac continuously collects system data which is transmitted via cellular or Wi-Fi connections to cloud-based servers where the data is stored in a secure database which can be easily accessed by the client through the client portal dashboard.


WiFi & cellular units available based on your connectivity needs
Data Access
Access real-time and historical vacuum, power and signal data
Know instantly if there is a problem with your unit
Easy Installation
Quick and easy installation into new or existing systems
Compatible with MassDEP telemetry and alerting regs
Configure each unit for whom and when alerts are sent


  • Vacuum - units measure up to 60 inches of water
  • Vacuum Sensitivity - up to 0.1 inches of water
  • Local Power - on/off detection*
  • Local Battery - status alert*
  • Base Unit Size - 6.3 by 3.6 by 2.44 inches (L, W, D)
  • Base Unit Weight - 455 grams (cellular), 265 grams
* Cellular model only
Multiple VaporTrac Units


New and Existing

VaporTrac units can be installed during the initial mitigation system construction or as a retrofit during routine maintenance. The units are ready to be installed when they arrive from VaporTrac.

Fast and Easy

Installing VaporTrac is easy; the units can be mounted on a wall or on a pipe. Once mounted with the vacuum tube affixed and the power cord plugged in, data confirmation will be available within approximately 60 seconds.

Immediate Data Access

Once the installer has established web access and each device has been registered on the website with its device-specific Serial Number, the client will be given a unique User ID and Password allowing access to the VaporTrac client website ( and user-specific data. Once logged in, the client has the ability to make additions and modifications to the account including user access, device details, Alert management, and data presentation.

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